Sewing with Sergers & overlockers

Sewing with sergers and overlockers

This is the course to take if you are venturing into this very different realm of sewing. We will hold your hand as you learn about the machine and the basics of Serging or Over-locking.

We want everyone to get their sergers out and learn to use it.  Using a serger is fun, fast and easy to use.  Different machine can use between 2 to 5 threads at any one time to sew. It creates the stitch found on the inside of ready to wear clothes where the thread wraps around the edges of the fabric (called a seam finish). It also cuts away the excess fabric of the seam allowance as it sews. A serger/overlocker can be used for many aspects of sewing.  You will learn to use it for decorative stitching that shows on the outside of clothing, as well as making a full garment. The serger/overlocker does not replace your normal sewing machine, but it is a great companion to one and can save a lot of time when sewing.

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