Fun Day Crafting

Fun Day Crafting

The Craft Projects course is a fun programme which allows the participants the opportunity to explore the wonderful craft of patchwork or craft making, with plenty of hands on practice the student will further enhance their knowledge of materials, sewing techniques and the process involved to create a well constructed patchwork quilt or several craft projects from a design brief. The student must be able to use a sewing machine and understand the basics of sewing two pieces of fabric together.

The Craft Projects program is delivered in a highly participative and practical manner. A range of learning methods and approaches will be used to promote the practical application of theoretical concepts covered. The Craft Projects course content is predetermined and must be followed closely. There is practice sessions for the learner with feedback provided each step of the way.

Course Aims

Candidates who successfully complete this Craft Projects course will be able to:

  • Develop the practical skills necessary to make a patchwork quilt or craft items to a high standard of craftsmanship
  • Plan, prepare and manage the making of a patchwork quilt OR different craft projects to a design brief.
  • Use work tools carefully, efficiently and safely
  • Operate and use the machinery competently and observe health and safety practices at all times during each process.

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